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1Logan Allen (S) Scouting ProfileOCU141400154481.044291501120.350.49
2Christian Montes () Scouting ProfileCOL340071023.142717210.600.39
3Austin Abbe (J) Scouting ProfileHGRTY3310130028.0831727500.750.79
4Bret Neilan (J) Scouting ProfileTCW151500153199.21812431331750.840.60
5Michael Ojeda Soto () Scouting ProfileCOL422060024.1631527650.860.86
6Noah Janney () Scouting ProfileWO440190022.0331622830.951.09
7Sam Gehring (J) Scouting ProfileLN1110100021.211319161010.971.34
8Kemil Milanes (S) Scouting ProfileFREE4212111037.21162746861.120.93
9Josh Bates (S) Scouting ProfileBM13910142269.11612341122981.210.91
10Cort Roedig (J) Scouting ProfileDRP10640102053.2201036632031.301.04
11Nick Lakso () Scouting ProfileLMP331090021.110413301711.311.41
12Bryce Hutchinson (S) Scouting ProfileDB11830132069.0171338861861.320.81
13Cole Beavin (S) Scouting ProfileWO131030131073.22114519515121.330.90
14Nolan Vargo (J) Scouting ProfileWS7430100036.115729311851.351.29
15Christian Simon (S) Scouting ProfileOCR7320111041.113826281251.350.92
16Chris Ragosta (J) Scouting ProfileHGRTY0222120025.010520281121.401.24
17Tony Rossi (J) Scouting ProfileLM3013140030.010621551461.401.17
18Miguel Gonzalez (S) Scouting ProfileFAC221070024.0852610511.461.29
19Doug Nikhazy (J) Scouting ProfileWO9710130051.2121131691361.490.85
20Evan Lawless (S) Scouting ProfileFAC642074042.015928562161.501.17
21Cameron Robinson (S) Scouting ProfileOCU9710100048.1161122633131.591.10
22Nathan Peden (S) Scouting ProfileOCU4232170045.1181140421051.701.10
23Alex Bryant (F) Scouting ProfileBM2220100024.015619161321.751.33
24Harry Storch () Scouting ProfileUV2210100031.01483220421.811.16
25Cameron Stewart (J) Scouting ProfileAPOP11730110062.0261743703411.921.24
26Neil Patel (S) Scouting ProfileLHP10731122058.0351646571691.931.07
27Max Clark () Scouting ProfileWPW861082039.2161131422311.941.36
28Josh Allen (F) Scouting ProfileHGRTY10610120049.2351441372551.971.33
29Connor Udell (S) Scouting ProfileLM11640110052.02615446915112.021.13
30Blake Adams (S) Scouting ProfileLN11640112058.03717383035152.051.26
31Josh Davis () Scouting ProfileAPOP4211100034.0141024331352.061.09
32Matthew Sadlon (S) Scouting ProfileDB7632141154.0241647381122.071.07
33David Bulmer (J) Scouting ProfileWPW10360102052.2291657452322.131.52
34Will Saxton (J) Scouting ProfileLHP826092038.2331236692112.171.47
35Michael Glenn (S) Scouting ProfileWPW5321131028.21793134872.201.36
36Bailey Wendel (S) Scouting ProfileHGRTY9821131156.1211845523952.241.49
37Jackson Hickox (S) Scouting ProfileDB4400121134.0131130291332.261.26
38Cade Davenport () Scouting ProfileAPOP742070024.213825352112.271.86
39Mitchell Stockwell (So) Scouting ProfileDRP9620120043.0171424422962.281.23
40Samuel Rosario (J) Scouting ProfileORP832090042.2181428621902.301.10
41Patrick Yost (S) Scouting ProfileOCR8540101145.1211638412242.471.32
42Jacob Schwarz () Scouting ProfileLH0111100022.211821221432.471.54
43William Brandsema (S) Scouting ProfileCCB10550120055.1372045443582.531.45
44Justin Driscoll (S) Scouting ProfileFREE7620121044.0191639402362.551.41
45Augie Plevich (S) Scouting ProfileOCR734080035.03313411913102.601.54
46Koen Miller (S) Scouting ProfileFREE8341111045.1241748491432.631.37
47Michael Thayer (J) Scouting ProfileLM322090025.0191027231252.801.56
48Jacob Shumsky (S) Scouting ProfileBOON11560131064.1372669391762.831.34
49Jeslyn Whitehead (So) Scouting ProfileOT9340101056.1262358452492.861.46
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