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Pitching Stats Spring 2020

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1Fisher Sheffield ('22) Scouting ProfileTT220141115.130723810.000.98
2Dom Scavone ('21) Scouting ProfileBM330030013.130722410.000.83
3Tyler Cassidy ('21) Scouting ProfileFREE430042124.2401822310.000.85
4Andrew Birko ('20) Scouting ProfileLCE230040010.0302101010.001.20
5Jordan Wimpelberg ('20) Scouting ProfileWS321040016.15015211000.001.53
6Charles McDaniel ('20) Scouting ProfileSS440042123.0701422110.000.65
7Isaac Sewell ('22) Scouting ProfileTFA220030013.000322700.000.77
8Jack Bellah ('21) Scouting ProfileWW110050016.2711418510.421.14
9Trent Caples ('21) Scouting ProfileHGRTY422042123.0421427410.610.78
10John Petit ('20) Scouting ProfileTFA210141111.111816610.621.24
11Josh Allen ('20) Scouting ProfileOVL421041122.022923620.640.68
12Jackson Grabsky ('20) Scouting ProfileHGRTY422040022.0621412820.641.00
13Jack Murphy ('20) Scouting ProfileOVL311040010.25166220.660.75
14Kyle Skidmore ('20) Scouting ProfileCCA432051020.2102920710.680.77
15Nathan Nogueras ('22) Scouting ProfileCCA110140010.031721300.701.00
16Spencer Mangum ('20) Scouting ProfileOVL331160018.0521515400.781.06
17Nick Berger ('21) Scouting ProfileWPW420040016.2321322600.841.14
18Chris Coll ('20) Scouting ProfileLN431043024.01031128930.880.83
19Andrew Spolyar ('20) Scouting ProfileTCW430041023.0431628230.910.78
20TJ Melani ('21) Scouting ProfileSS430152220.2831820621.021.16
21Dylan Rose ('22) Scouting ProfileFAC211040013.252912331.020.88
22Jacob Worley ('20) Scouting ProfileLCE430052126.21041834611.050.90
23Brennan O'Kane ('20) Scouting ProfileBM111040012.2521117321.111.11
24Gaven Book ('21) Scouting ProfileOT312051018.05312181111.171.28
25Jacob Pacheco ('21) Scouting ProfileWPS320030012.022720511.171.00
26Jared Bickel ('0) Scouting ProfileOCO312141018.0631211851.171.11
27Diego Tamariz ('20) Scouting ProfileLN320031118.0531224331.170.83
28Ricky Gaines ('20) Scouting ProfileSS000040011.22259331.200.69
29Pedro Agosto ('0) Scouting ProfileFCA220021011.0221111111.271.09
30Nate Treat ('20) Scouting ProfileOVL111160016.0631120201.310.81
31Robert Weinstein ('0) Scouting ProfileLHP110050010.032814631.401.40
32Will Ross ('0) Scouting ProfileWO310031114.1631121521.471.12
33Avery Gabriel ('21) Scouting ProfileRDG421041123.2951231971.480.89
34Samuel Gordon ('22) Scouting ProfileDRP000380014.05387511.500.93
35Grant Thomas ('20) Scouting ProfileTMA412040018.0641222621.561.00
36Grayson Moore ('20) Scouting ProfileLM421040017.2641425601.581.13
37Mitch Harding ('20) Scouting ProfileOT430040020.1951531631.721.03
38Zachary Boykin ('0) Scouting ProfileLHP431041020.0859211241.751.05
39Patrick Bott ('20) Scouting ProfileLHP320031016.0841426711.751.31
40Carson Montgomery ('20) Scouting ProfileWW410040011.263723731.801.20
41Garrett Brewer ('21) Scouting ProfileAPOP211020011.233717411.800.94
42Mark Linder ('20) Scouting ProfileLIB422050018.29512301321.881.34
43Adonis Stewart ('22) Scouting ProfileLCE320040011.063710741.911.27
44Cortland Clark ('21) Scouting ProfileOCS210040011.0153108561.911.36
45Jayden Lopez ('21) Scouting ProfileCCB301050018.19512221411.911.42
46Gavin Galy ('20) Scouting ProfileBOON310030014.164914731.951.12
47Jeffrey Mercedes ('21) Scouting ProfileCCB111151110.24378541.971.13
48Danny Ramirez ('22) Scouting ProfileOSC201030010.26399121.970.94
49Pablo Torres ('22) Scouting ProfileHARM300030010.24399211.971.03

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