Orlando High School Baseball
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Lake Brantley Patriots Spring 2018 Varsity Fielding Stats

Overall Record
District Record
Home Record
Away Record
Head Coach: Eric Entrekin
Team Colors: Red, White, Blue
Team Mascot: Patriots
District: 9A District 3
Home Field: View on Map
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Only showing pitchers with at least 18 IP's for ERA and WHIP categories.
Only showing batters with at least 25 AB's for BA and OBP categories.
Team 3B Leaders
Nick Wells1
Ryan Fischer1
Jason Jucker76111910100020321016.250.352.263
Nick Wells5413102210101411116.185.328.259
Isaac Nunez68132614402123121213.382.482.529
Hunter Todd3435030000200510.147.256.235
Logan Keller7271915201101421219.264.379.333
Ryan Fischer6510139210110231026.200.329.262
Zach Swift404750000025047.175.250.175
Will Jachens00000000000000.000.000.000
Keano Suarez27118600100112211.296.387.407
Bobby Ward00000000000000.000.000.000
Logan Wash5049420001210618.180.268.220
Gabe Servi00000000000000.000.000.000
Ryan Brubach00000000000000.000.000.000
Nicholas Carpio36588101000121110.222.429.333
Evan Siegner73191712501101501318.233.345.342
Ethan Garrido00000000000000.000.000.000
Keith Cross00000000000000.000.000.000
Alec Makarewicz36101394002131183.361.468.472
Rese Brown00000000000000.000.000.000
Tyler Diaz30000000000102.000.250.000
Jacob Lerdo00000000000000.000.000.000
Team Totals63411015494262677162816104169.243.360.319
Jason Jucker0000000.0000000000.000.00
Nick Wells0000000.0000000000.000.00
Isaac Nunez0000000.0000000000.000.00
Hunter Todd0000000.0000000000.000.00
Logan Keller0000000.0000000000.000.00
Ryan Fischer0000000.0000000000.000.00
Zach Swift0000000.0000000000.000.00
Will Jachens412082020.01382115124012.801.65
Keano Suarez0000000.0000000000.000.00
Bobby Ward000070013.255121372002.561.39
Logan Wash624080024.016111922193033.211.58
Gabe Servi961090044.017124527111031.911.27
Ryan Brubach0104120019.0431129100011.111.11
Nicholas Carpio0000100.1000101000.000.00
Evan Siegner0000000.0000000000.000.00
Ethan Garrido1020100017.21691516413033.571.08
Keith Cross010260010.2647953022.631.13
Alec Makarewicz0000000.0000000000.000.00
Rese Brown220021111.00031430000.000.55
Tyler Diaz0000000.0000000000.000.00
Jacob Lerdo12004006.1547251014.421.89
Team Totals2315966731166.2825614014876280142.351.30
Team ERA Leaders
Ryan Brubach1.11
Gabe Servi1.91
Will Jachens2.80
Team WHIP Leaders
Ryan Brubach1.11
Gabe Servi1.27
Logan Wash1.58
Team Strikeout Leaders
Ryan Brubach29
Gabe Servi27
Logan Wash22
Team CG Leaders
Will Jachens2
Rese Brown1
Team Saves Leaders
Ryan Brubach4
Keith Cross2
Team Totals.000.000
Jason Jucker57.714
Nick Wells10101.000
Isaac Nunez1114.786
Hunter Todd111.000
Logan Keller46.667
Ryan Fischer221.000
Zach Swift441.000
Will Jachens00.000
Keano Suarez67.857
Bobby Ward00.000
Logan Wash12.500
Gabe Servi00.000
Ryan Brubach00.000
Nicholas Carpio221.000
Evan Siegner551.000
Ethan Garrido00.000
Keith Cross00.000
Alec Makarewicz331.000
Rese Brown00.000
Tyler Diaz00.000
Jacob Lerdo00.000
Team Totals5463.857
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